Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Weekend of Firsts

...not sure how I feel about this. This weekend was full of milestones for our little Hailey. For the past few weeks she's been teething terribly! She has not been a happy girl. When I think of how it must feel to have those teeth poking through the gums, I cringe. We tried everything, but this poor baby was just miserable. So, finally over the weekend, not one but TWO teeth popped through the bottom gums! YAY! Relief!

Another milestone crossed - crawling. She's been attempting for a while now. Scooching around on her tummy, army crawling across the living room. But this weekend, we've officially got crawling. Is it too late to go back? Gone are the days of setting her down with some toys and going off to do anything...now she just follows. Don't get me wrong, its exciting and fun - its so amazing to watch her explore everything. She's so curious and everything is brand new to her. You should see the joy she gets out of playing with plastic spoons!
We had a request from grandma for some vertical (portrait) shots of Hailey. I guess all the pictures I take are mostly horizontal (landscape). So I figured it was a good time to get some 9 month shots in. I did not take into accound the crawling issue.Apparently its fun to play with mommy's camera :).Luckily Justin was there to help out - but she kept looking at him making crazy faces and not at me (or the camera).
And then she just got mad :).
And daddy had to tame the crazy beast!
But we finally got some decent shots.
I'm going through a kind of mourning here though, my days of spending hours photographing my beautiful baby girl are over :(. I'm going to have to live with shots of her crawling and grabbing at the camera. Sigh.


Meghan Rickard March 31, 2009 at 2:07 PM  

Don't worry, it'll only make you grow as a photographer :)

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