Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poop Face

You know that adorable little face babies make when they're pooping? Well, ok so maybe its only adorable to the parents :)...but come on...how cute is this?!!?
Hailey had her second swim class last night and she had a blast! At the end of the class they brought out the "tot dock" which was some kind of PVC creation with a pole down the middle that went in the pool and all the babies could stand on and hang onto the pole. Hailey was hilarious on this thing! Those of you that have been privelaged enough to hear Hailey's adorable little laugh (aka squeal?) will appreciate how funny it was. She was laughing (squealing) the WHOLE time they were on there! She'd look at another baby and squeal, then she'd look at us and squeal, then she'd splash and squeal...it was really adorable :). She was the only one laughing (except all the parents of course) and it was echo-y because of the room. We had a blast...I can't wait for next week!!


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