Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Early Valentine's Day!

...or Valentime's day if you're a certain friend of mine :). Well, I figured its been too long since the last post, so I gotta give you something. I haven't taken too many pictures of Hailey recently because she's TEETHING!!! :( I completely underestimated the intensity of this experience.

Swim class is going great...Hailey really loves the water :). Last week Justin dunked her under. Luckily, I wasn't there, or I would have freaked. I had the flu so I stayed home. I got to witness the dunking this week though, and I just couldn't do it. Hailey really didn't seem to mind though. Maybe next week I'll get a shot of the face she makes when she comes up :) It's priceless! And we'll end this post with some Valentine's pictures. I want to re-do them because she was obviously not happy with me taking her picture. So when the teeth break through we'll try it again when we can get some better lighting and a happier baby!
Daddy to the rescue -->


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