Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Good Son

Well, last weekend I had a very important assignment. (Lets see how many of you can catch onto the sarcasm here :).
Last weekend was the first weekend we're going to be away from Hailey overnight. I was SO anxious it was rediculous...but that's not the point of this post. We went snowboarding with my brother, his girlfriend and a really good couple friend of ours. Now, my mother gave me strict orders to take some amazing portrait shots of my brother. Why? Because apparently she has "plenty" of pictures of me, Justin and Hailey...she also has "plenty" of pictures of my dear brother with me, Justin, Hailey, and his girlfriend. However, she informs me, she has no pictures of her son just by himself. And she'd really like some to show off. Some pictures of him snowboarding, hanging out, just pictures that really scream "JEFF"!
So I'm like...ok, sweet I can do this. I HATE snowboarding (it seriously scares the living daylights out of me) so I can get out of it for a while while I'm shooting my little bro. But, the thing is...I'm pretty sure my mom doesn't have ANY pictures of just me. Like she said, plenty of me with other people...but I know for a fact there are no pictures of me "doing my thing."
So its pretty bogus...I see who's the favorite in her eyes. Whatever. Its ok. I'm fine with it. Really. So here is our precious Jeffy-Pooh:

Needless to say, he was not so happy with me stalking him with the camera. What do you think of "Steve" as a name for my camera? I feel like it needs a name...and Steve seems pretty appropriate :)

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it was around 6:00 on Saturday morning and we hadn't eaten yet...Ah yes, that's it...after some yummy breakfast, he submits to the camera.I had to sit in the back behind the wonderful Jeff. And I was just fascinated by his hair. He's been growing it out since October, and this is the result:It's really for a good cause. He does this every year for St. Baldrick's - on Sunday he shaved his head to raise money for cancer research. He's such a good son isn't he?

So, off to snowboard. And I have to put in a disclaimer here...I actually had a really good time! I know...shocking. I think it helped that Ashleigh (below) and Kim (hmm..>I don't have an pics of them in here!) hadn't ever snowboarded before, so I got to hang out with them on the bunny hill. Fun times girls, fun times! But, that being said, I didn't get Steve out too much to play. He stayed in the car while I hurled myself down a mountain on a board. But, when it was time to go in for dinner, I managed to snap a few shots. Jeff, wants a good picture of you!Much better...thank you.So, while everyone else was inside warming up and getting some yummy bar food ("quesadilla's" that aren't really flat...their more roundish and mean taquitos?) The food was disgusting. Anyway, while everyone else was inside, I dragged my poor little brother around for his photo shoot. People, I cannot even begin to explain to you how annoyed he was. Poor thing was pretty embarassed. See what you did mom?! :) Just kidding...we love you.The next morning was rough for everyone. We were all pretty tired and sore...and the just took on a life of its own!

So there you go mom...the pictures are in the mail. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!


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