Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We Have a Stander!!

Over the past couple weeks, maybe even a month or two, Hailey's been much more interested in standing up. She loves it when we stand her up and she can play with some of her bigger toys. She's even started trying to pull herself up on the couch or some of her toys. But she just doesn't have the leg strength to get herself all the way up there without help.

Or so we thought! This morning as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I had Hailey playing with her Crawl and Cruise Jungle in the dining room. I had my back to her and was listening to her talk to all her toys...she seemed exceptionally happy and squealy. So, I turned around to say hi to her, and this is what I found!!!
She definitley pulled herself up all the way to a standing position!! Now, to those of you who don't have kids, I'm sure this seems like the most pointless post...but it is a huge milestone for her! It's just one more step towards being a big girl...and I'm not a huge fan of that :(.

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