Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our little snuggle bug

Okay, so I know all the pictures/posts so far have been of Hailey...but come on, she's our lives right now :). Tomorrow I promise pictures of something other than our adorable little baby girl. But why you would want to look at anything other than her...I have no idea :). Anyway...she's becoming such a little snuggle bug! This is now a common pose for her. I *think* we did a good thing...we taught her to fall asleep on her own in her crib. No rocking or feeding neccessary. However, she never likes to snuggle! As soon as you pull her close to give her a big hug she's pulling back because she wants to go play :(. But lately, we've been treated to this precious little snuggler and I am SO greatful! :)
Oh! Also, we signed up for SWIM classes today!!! We start on Monday and all three of us are going. I can't wait to see my little girl in a cute little swim suit! Justin's going to have to do the whole under water thing though...I don't think I can handle that. Now...who sells baby swim suits in January?


Meghan Rickard January 9, 2009 at 9:25 PM  

Swim class! I'm jealous :) Love the photos, and who cares if they're all about your baby girl, my personal one is purely about my kids ;0)

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