Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oprah's an Idiot!

I'm watching Oprah and she is SOOOOO far removed from reality is rediculous!! I started TiVoing it since I've been working part time just so I can have something on in the background besides soap opras during the day.
She's a great woman, does great things...but sometimes she is such an idiot! The most recent example is a show she's doing on redecorating by swapping furniture with your neighbors/friends. She is going on and on and on about how they have no budge to work with and Nate (the decorating guy) is stressing otu about how hard it will I'm thinking they can only use the stuff they swap with their friends. Nope...they have a $500 budget! They are seriously like "how on earth could you possibly redecorate for $500! Poor thing, that must have been hard...youa re the best decorater in the world if you can do that!" Seriously? I would have to make plans and work it into our budget to redecorate one room with $500. I mean, I know sofas and real furniture is expensive, but they SWAPPED that stuff! He was just buying drapes and accessorie stuff! And a direct quote from Oprah "Isn't it actually easier to decorate if you have an unlimited budget? I think it would be easier than having to limit yourself" - seriously Oprah?
A while ago she was on with some comedian - Tyler Perry maybe? And they were both making rediculous, snide comments about how their version of a "thank you" to a friend for doing something nice is buying them a Lexus. I've seen several times when she's done things like that, and I just think she is SO far removed from reality!
Sorry...just had to get that off my chest :) lol.


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